It has been a long, joyous 26 months of having braces, but my time has come to an end!

Let me tell you I have always hated showing my teeth, and my confidence level was affected because of it, but I wanted to share my journey.

Firstly, I must say something that saved me on this journey was taking care of my teeth by using the proper items. The products I chose made a significant difference in my final results. Brushing and flossing are essential, but the type of products used are just as important. I switched my toothpaste to an all natural plant-based toothpaste, and it has helped me so much, especially when it would be time to change my power chains!! My orthodontist would always be surprised by my progress. The polish I used is toxin-free and has five all-natural ingredients that work together to keep your breath fresh, protect your enamel, kills bacteria, and whitens the smile. No other product I have tried has done this.

The Back Story

I got my braces about two years ago. I have always wanted braces, but my parents could never afford them, so I told myself I would get them myself as an adult.

At the time, I was a brand ambassador for a company. I was in grad school and working full time. I decided to create a vision board and posted getting braces as one of my goals. I was motivated and worked extremely hard. I got a second gig to help because everyone knows braces are not the cheapest. That hard work paid off because I was able to pay for my braces with my side hustle income without having to touch my primary income. Secondary income was a blessing for me. I’m blown away because I paid for my braces with a side hustle and I never thought I would be able to do that, and I paid them off early, and I never saw that coming. I say all that to say extra money when you work for it is — saving more than $2K felt great!

Getting my braces taken off took about less than an hour and a half.

I started by getting the metal brackets off. They were the easiest. The biggest challenge was getting the clear brackets off, but who am I kidding, the process was painless. Afterward, I was able to brush and clean my teeth and mold my impressions, which were used to make my mold for retainers. That part was fun.

I took such good care of my teeth that I didn’t need permanents. The machine for x rays was cool because I took pictures of my progress. And guess what I got as a gift — red wine (who doesn’t love wine) My Ortho, Dr. Glass was one of the best. He, along with his staff, took excellent care of me.

Having braces was so much fun for me. I enjoyed every minute of it, especially color changing my chains at my follow up appointments. My orthodontist was beyond tremendous and a huge help.

I’m glad and excited about my new journey with my smile. And I’m most excited that my 2nd stream of income was able to keep me out of debt!

Want to learn more about how you can make the toxin-free switch or score a second gig, send me a message to learn more about how to join an exclusive, toxin-free shopping club!

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