“If your circle fails to inspire you beyond yourself, you’re in a cage.”


Are we surrounding ourselves with the right people? 

Those of us who are working at being successful and simply being a good person may ask ourselves this question frequently. 

We all have or will encounter a point in our lives where we have to do a self-assessment to understand our purpose and path. 

To get where you want to be, you must analyze your life at the point where you are. Ask yourself’ “am I surrounded by like-minded people?” ”Are the choices I’m making leading me in the direction to better myself?”

I am constantly looking for opportunities to network. I attend many events that are focused on networking. Networking is happening every where we go. I have been able to connect with many other entrepreneurs and build working relationships. These relationships lead to resources and opportunities, and so forth. With something as simple as a conversation, I am able to build business relationships with social media gurus, lawyers, CEOs and so many more people who are successful business owners.

These relationships have helped me to learn so much about business ownership, branding, social media, etc. I’ve also been able to create new streams of income. So many positive things grew from simply changing my environment and having beneficial conversations.

You can do the same.

But you’re nervous right?

That’s totally fine. I was nervous as well when I began to attend events, but, If I wanted to become an entrepreneur, I would have to build up the courage to get out of my own way for my businesses to grow. Its 2019, so no excuses. A business doesn’t exist without customers, and if I didn’t network, well there would be no customers. Otherwise, you’re surrounded by the same unmotivated negativity that stopped you from pursuing your dreams. Here’s a little glimpse into networking

Boss Babes Brunch Tour–Montgomery, AL

I was able to attend a Boss Babes Brunch event where I positioned myself to be around women who empower other women and are on a similar path to where I’m headed—to succeed. The brunch was very informational, I met so many other women who were motivated, and built business relationships.

I received a lot of business advice this weekend:

  • I learned about trademarking your brand and keeping it secure. 
  • I learned that engaging with your audience plays a big key in using social media as a successful tool.
  • I learned about social networking algorithms.
  • I learned consistency is critical to helping your online business thrive!

The Brunch

The brunch was amazing. The menu consisted of so much deliciousness.

  • Unlimited mimosas were definitely a thing 
  • The chicken and waffles were amazing
  • The salad was nutritious and filling
  • The shrimp & grits were to die for 
  • The fruit samples were fresh and yummy
  • The muffins & cheesecake cinnamon rolls were delicious
  • OMG the soul food roll was the bomb

I am glad I was able to witness, my friend Imah, talk about using different methods of building your business from social media.

Overall it was a great brunch; I loved getting to network and connect with other like-minded people. 

The Benefits

For me, it was about being in an atmosphere of positivity and women who uplift each other. When in these types of environments, I am motivated by the people who surround me. I feel supported in these positive environments, such as the brunch.

Some benefits of getting around the right people include sharing accountability, sharing best practices, and opportunities to connect and network.  We hold each other accountable for our success. Having an accountability partner who is honest and passionate about your success keeps you aware of your goals and decision-making. Sharing best practices is very important for business entrepreneurs. Having someone like-minded, you can rely on and share best practices with when you feel like your business is getting the best of you, is IMPORTANT, no matter what field of business, especially when you need fresh ideas and advice. It’s essential to use each other as resources. The last and one of the most critical reasons for surrounding yourself with great people is networking. It’s why you can take advantage of the benefits of getting around the right people because opportunities are always present for you to grow. They are networks of resources, friendship and personal wellness.

My final advice: Surround yourself with positive influences. It makes a difference in your success. 

Sweatshirt 👕 : The Future is Female @confidently_she on IG

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