“Stop making excuses,” Something I tell myself daily. “Take back your confidence, step out of your comfort zone and stop doubting yourself; walk in your purpose that God has planned for you. Just be the best version of yourself.”

I’m a mom, wife, and grad student and I have to remind myself to stop thinking small constantly. I’m learning the importance of surrounding myself with the right people who push me to conquer my dreams; people who want better and DREAM BIG — people on the pursuit of their goals.

I have seen so many queens, and kings talk themselves out of achieving their goals just because they are afraid of the ‘what ifs.’ They allow fear to control their destiny because they are scared of the risks that must be taken to reach their goals, doubt their abilities and fear failure that may arise so they back down.

This was me almost 3 years ago!

My fears motivated me to create Conquering Me!
During that time, I wanted nothing more but inspiration and motivation to manifest my goals. With this blog, my goal is to inspire you to be the best version of you and push you to accomplish your goals. I will be your accountability partner who helps you stay focused as you work to reach your goals. Together we will stay out of our comfort zone and conquer you.

No excuses allowed.

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