Moms–What inspires you? What drives you? What wakes you up and motivates you to grind everyday? Take a moment and just think about it.

Like many of you, my answer is motherhood. So now take the time to reflect on your journey as a mother. What did you come up with?

Everyday, I have an opportunity to reflect on my personal motivators, day in and day out. My answer is always rooted in my foundation—my children. And that for me looks like the laughter and joy that my kids give me. Each passing day, I am blessed to witness how they grow and learn; I get to experience their daily adventures and see their imagination take them further in their dreams than the naked eye can see. They are always smiling, worry-free, stress-free and healthy. Why? Because my career choices, the products I use for myself and family that I purchase through an exclusive shopping club, the type of food we consume–our personal health and wellbeing, are decisions I make to maintain our happiness.

Motherhood drives me each day simply by just knowing that I have my precious gifts looking up to me each day. My children remind me how important I am as their mother because I have as much as an impact on their life, like they have on mine. I motivate them just as much as they motivate me. Their happiness is my happiness.

These are things that move me and inspire me to be the best person I can be. So what’s yours?

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