Life can get hectic at times, and sometimes we start to lose ourselves. It begins to feel like life is waging war against you, and everything is falling apart. Then the rat race starts and soon after we lose sight of what matters most–ME. Life is about more discovering who you are or how can you be the best version of yourself at all time. It’s about having balance in every aspect of our lives–from our fitness and well-being to our career and family–and living life in its fullness.

About Kay

Hailing from Mobile, Alabama, Kay is an Army Wife, mother of 2 brilliant boys, an entrepreneur, and health and wellness influencer. Kay is a graduate of Troy University where she met her husband, Derek. From raising her boys to the hectic life as an army wife, while managing her career, Kay tackles modern-day womanhood by balancing every day life. As an influencer, Kay brings along women who seek a healthy balance, freedom, joy by sharing her unique journey as she experiences life by…